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Since 1935 Nektar Kourtidis soft drinks have stood out for their quality and their unique taste. They are available in 18 wonderful flavors, and for the seasons 2015 and 2018, received the International Taste Taste and Quality Award and Quality Institute in Brussels.

Based in Serres, the company now distributes its products throughout Greece and abroad.

The company implements a certified Food Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005 and a certified System of Quality Management according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Historical data

1935. George Kourtidis a refugee from Asia Minor, sets up his own busines that distributes ice and produces soft drinks. The first KOURTIDI soft drinks(orangeade, lemonade, sour cherry drink, soda) are introduced to the market.

1958. The first factory is founded in the area of Kiouplia, Serres.

1964. The ice block plant is set up , producing 500 ice blocks per day on a daily basis.

1978. The 2nd generation dynamically enters the field and the business is tranferred to a privately owned plot of 6.000 m2 in the 1st km of Serres- Nigrita.

1983. KOURTIDIS soft drinks are manufactures with high-tech manchinery. The production process also includes water theatment, preparation, chemical & microbiological laboratories.

1992. A new soda flavor is introduced to the market. Nektar soft drinks are now also bottled in P.E.T. bottles of 1500 ml, 500 ml and 250ml .

1999. Great investment is made with the purchase of a modern P.E.T. bottle production line, for Nektar soft drinks, as well as for others.

2004. New bottling line in aluminum cans of 330 ml.

Today. The 3rd generation has token over the business.


In an area of 36,000 m� the modern, privately owned facilities, the 7,000 ft� sheltered area and the well-qualified scientific workforce, place Nektar Kourtidis beverage industry among the largest soft drink companies in our country.

100,000 bottles are bottled daily, which are then available in glass bottles and aluminum cans throughout Greece.

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