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3 Gold Awards in iTQi Superior Taste Awards

We returned from the internationally recognized iTQi Superior Taste Awards holding important distinctions! The orangeade, lemonade and apple Nektar Kourtidis managed to stand out in this year’s competition, winning gold medals in quality. The panel, comprised by 135 Michelin-starred chefs and tasters, awarded 2 gold stars to Nektar lemonade and orangeade, as well as a gold star to apple.

The iTQi Superior Taste Awards award products based on their unique characteristics, with the blind taste method, highlighting their superior quality and taste.

All the participants went through the tasting procedure without any identification provided so as to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the competition. The iTQi preserves the right to conduct physicochemical analysis in accredited laboratories in order to verify that the products are technically appropriate and will be of the same high quality when they reach the consumer.

It is worth noting that the competition is a leading independent organization for the promotion and recognition of premium food and beverages all over the world. Through a detailed evaluation process with rigorous sensory analysis and criteria such as taste, appearance, odor, aftertaste and texture, the iTQi distinguishes the high quality products delivering the participants the detailed results of the evaluation and tasting performed.

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